Monday, April 7, 2014

Pretty Little Liars

     So now that I actually have free time, I will take it to my advantage. So far on my snow day I have: caught up on Pretty Little Liars (TV show) AND Supernatural (TV Show),  read my library books, studied for exams, written my papers, and done my homework. (I have this voice in my head shouting "I'M A FREE ELF!") So, back to doing what I love-READING and REVIEWING!

So many of you have seen those awfully cheesy, unrealistic and oddly colorful television previews of the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I do watch the show. Yes, it is just as dumb as it looks and I LOVE it! My guilty pleasure :) Anyway, I'm pretty sure I only watch it because I love their outfits and NOEL KHAN :) Lately, since the season has ended and left me wanting so much more, I've been reading the books. The T.V. show closely follows the books but has some major changes. Like WHY is Hanna so SO annoying in the books while she is alright in the T.V. show? Hmmm? Also, the whole Allison is alive thing is different in the T.V. show.

Anyway, the books were what I expected, not the best piece of literature, oddly entertaining, often having me groaning, and funny. I really like Spencer's character in the T.V. show and in the books she is alright. But in the T.V. show Aria is alright but in the books she is awful.  I just find Emily quite likable in both the T.V. show and the books for some reason.

The plot was, surprisingly the best part of the story. It was annoying at times but I enjoyed it all the way. *que Timeflies' All The Way*

So, in general I found the books an easy, nice, fluffy, quick read.
2.5 Stars