Monday, January 20, 2014

21 Jump Street the Movie

Yep, we are reviewing this movie a year late ;) Better late than never? Anyway the sequel is coming out this year! Woo-hoo! I'm probably going to see it the day it comes out. So this movie is about two best friends who are so close that they call themselves "brothers" in high school they weren't friends because Jenko (Tatum) was a underachieving jock and Schmidt (Hill) was the nerd who was obsessed with Eminem. They both go to the police academy and there they help each other with their weaknesses and soon become best friends. They soon get a job on 21 Jump Street and their job is to go undercover as high school students. While there Jenko and Schmidt switch spots, Schmidt becoming a popular kid and Jenko a nerd.

I loved this movie it was so funny (some parts weren't appropriate though)! So bad things first:


  •  I did guess the evil mastermind (as usual) but Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Nick Offerman, and Ice Cube made up for it with their funny words.
  •  I didn't really enjoy the whole "role switching" part. (Jenko was a popular kid in high school and Schmidt was a nerd but in the reenactment their roles switched) and this caused unnecessary drama.
  •  Also, the characters were not explained enough especially Eric (why didn't his parents care for him? Other than the fact his parents are rich we don't get insight to this.)

  • As I said, it was really funny!
  • *Spoiler* when Jenko says he would take a bullet for Schmidt and then he actually does (aww so corny and cute!)
  • Good acting
  • Good graphics
  • I like how Hill and Tatum were "brothers" it was really sweet
  • The white suits for prom were so cool!
  • I liked the action
I REALLY WANT TO SAY MORE!! But I can't as it is I have given away too much. So I can't! Just go watch it!!!

 3 stars :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dare You To by Katie McGarry

"Elena Hawthorne, do you take Ryan Stone, to be your husband?" the priest asked.
"I do."
"Ryan Stone, do you take Elena Hawthorne, to be your wife?" the priest asked.
"I do."
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You many now kiss the bride."
I chuckle inwardly. Kiss? Puh-lease. This is not going to be a's going to be way more than that...
I lean in. He leans in. And our lips graze...
And then I wake up. Ugh.
Going into this book, I was a hardcore Team Isaiah. When I realized that Beth wouldn't be with him, my initial thought was, "Ryan? Who is this....this...imposter?!" But I continued with the book with an open mind and oh my gosh, I was blown away.

For those who haven't read the first book in this series, you probably have no clue who either Beth and Isaiah are. Do not fear for Elena Hawthorne is here! Beth Risk is a punk. Natural bad ass. She dresses like a bad ass, does drugs and smokes and is best friends with Isaiah. Beth lives in a foster house with her aunt and uncle along with Isaiah and another boy, Noah. But I won't go into to detail about him. She lives with her aunt and uncle because her mom is a druggie and her boyfriend is an abusive douche bag. When something horrible happens, Beth's uncle Scott comes to the rescue (not really). He blackmails her into coming to live with him and if she refuses, he's going to reveal this big secret about Beth's mother. And unfortunately for Beth, she loves her mom too much for her own good. This is where Isaiah and Ryan come into play. Let me tell you ahead of time that there is no love triangle in those. Though both boys love her, Beth only reciprocates feelings for one boy. And that's Ryan. But let me talk about Isaiah first. You get glimpses of him in the first book, Noah's book, Pushing the Limits. He's a very nice guy; who's covered in tattoos and fixes cars for a living. Along with that, he's deeply in love with Beth. He has been for a very long time. He knows what's best for her and does what's best for her. You see him in action a lot. He's constantly protecting Beth from her mom and her boyfriend. He's promising to run away with her. He's protective of her when Ryan comes into the picture. You can't help but love Isaiah.
But I didn't love Isaiah as much as I loved Ryan. He's a baseball player who doesn't lose. Never. His two best friends are Chris and Logan, also ball players. He dated the hottest girl in the school before calling it quits. Colleges are chasing after him. And he's an amazing writer according to his English teacher. But he's not as perfect as he seems. He's got some serious family problems. If I delve into them, I feel like I would be giving you all spoilers and this book is too good for those. Meeting Beth is coincidental, talking to her starts as a dare. But becomes much more than that very fast. This boy is so endearing and dreamy! Beth isn't an easy target so he fights for her. She pushes him away, he just fights for her even harder. God, this guy was perfection.
Now. Beth. She is my favorite female main character as of now. This girl was a mess. A funny, lovable, crude mess. She is a complete witch. To Isaiah, Ryan, her uncle Scott, his wife Allison, her teachers and probably everyone else. She doesn't want to live with her uncle, therefore she lets her anger loose on those around her. Deep down under the spawn of Satan is a girl who's struggling. She's trying to come to terms with where she's living, who she's schooling with and what her mom is going through. For a good half of the book, she's a complete devil but the more time she spends with the Ryan, the less of the 'f-word' we say. She becomes a complete softie and it makes you see how much better Ryan is for her than Isaiah. Beth and Isaiah and the exact same. They wouldn't be able to develop at all, but with Ryan, her complete opposite, she completely transforms herself. Best of all, you witness that major transformation. And I loved every minute of it.
The cover for Pushing the Limits was okay. Colors were too dark for me. The cover for Dare You To is one of the best I've ever seen. The people on the cover look so cute and the rain is the perfect add-on. The details are so sharp, it's unbelievable. What do you have to say about the cover?
Warning: This book talks about some heavy topics. Drugs, abuse, alcohol, abandonment, daddy issues etc. Also the language can get pretty bad.
Ultimately, this book touched my heart. Screw what I said before about never getting emotional with books. This one brought tears to my eyes.
Four stars
I feel like I'm giving out a lot of four stars. Am I? I don't know. Either I'm giving out way to many or I just have a really good taste in books and they deserve them. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Is this book really for the adults of the young? For the children coming of age? Am I being conned?

But no matter. I can handle that. I, for one, don't mind intensity. And in Sweet Evil, the intensity level is set very high. I love that cover. I don't know if you do, but when I looked at the cover for the first time, I was like 'I must read this!' After I found out what it was about and looked at it again, do you notice that it replicates a sort of light and dark thing? Like on Anna's side, the forest has a little sun settling on it but on Kaidan's side it's pretty much black? If the cover designer was trying to attain that kind of symbolism, then kudos! If not....well...lets forget I ever said that. But setting aside symbolism, doesn't that cover look just amazing? The guy who is supposedly Kaidan....he looks amazing. Anna, too. The only think that irked me about it though was the cover girls nail polish. You don't really notice it unless you have a good close up. She's wearing nail polish, pink nail polish, hot pink nail polish. That doesn't even go well with that gorgeous dress! Who is her stylist?! I'm sorry, but I get really nit picky when it comes to things like this.

Leaving behind the book, let's move onto the actual story. It was pretty fast paced. When I was told there would be a road trip involved, I thought it would be in the last half of the book after we're introduced to certain topics. I expected Kaidan Rowe to be some new student and just like in every other book out there, Anna is inexplicably drawn to him. Then it's revealed that Kaidan is some weird species of being and that Anna is just like him and now they're supposed to produce supernatural babies together. That is exactly what I expected. That is not what I got (thank God).  Anna is the goody two shoes of the school. Doesn't do drugs, doesn't attend parties due to her overprotective no actual mother and she doesn't drink. But one day, on her birthday, her friend Jay takes her to a concert and now enter Kaidan Rowe. A smoking hot, bipolar drummer. He senses their is something different about Anna and he wants to know what. His introduction leads to a series of events unraveling. The road trip definitely does play a major part in the book but it doesn't take up too much time. It's started quickly and draws to a close even quicker. The second half of the book involves more angelic and demonic deeds.
Anna is a sweetheart. She's polite and treats her friends with care. But she's also very naive. To me, it actually makes her more real. She finds Kaidan hot, but she's not thinking about him every second. Only when he starts acting freaky (I'm not going to get into that), does she start to wonder. Despite him not being the best to her and having to perform rather disgusting things, she doesn't judge him nor does she treat him differently. She respects him and tries to help him. And as weird as it may be, she gives him a little bit of motherly information.
Kaidan Rowe is perhaps my topping the charts for book boyfriend. He's amazing and for once, I'm not exaggerating. PERHAPS A SPOILER ALERT! He's a demon, the son of the Duke of Lust. Because of that, he has to do certain 'lusty' acts. I can't say I mind though. Whenever Kaidan goes into 'lusty' mode, the book just gets so much better. Ah. Anna's different from his kind and it's been a while since this has happened, he's drawn to her. I like that. Things get steamy, then they cool down, then they steam up, then they calm down. I like how it's not too tame but not going overboard (thank God). But seriously, this guy is amazing.
Others worth mentioning are Kopano, Blake, Marna, Ginger, Pattie, Jay and Veronica. Pattie's a major character but she was kind of awkward. When Anna was going on the road trip, she specifically told the person who was taking her "Hands off, mister!" That's really weird if you ask me. Jay and Veronica are Anna's friends but they're not doing anything necessarily big to make a big difference in the book. The others mentioned above are Kaidan's friends, which means they are demon children. I loved them all, especially Kopano. What a softie!
This book is approximately 450 pages give or take 50 pages (I suck at estimations, I know). Usually that takes me half a day. This took me 2.5 hours. That's not normal for me.
This book has to be four beautiful stars.