Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome to our humble beginning

         Hi! So my sisters Gabriel, Elena and I decided to try our hand at blogging. Our blog, "Dans Les Livres" is French for "In Books." Because we are addicted to books and hope to share our addiction with the world. So if you happen to come across our blog, we'd appreciate it if you could comment/follow it and tell others about it. So, a little bit about us: I'm slightly superior to my sisters, I'm 17 and being two years older than Elena I'm much more fun <--- Elena tends to disagree :). I am also addicted to Mountain Dew and hate citrus flavored skittles with a passion. Gabby wears a size 9 shoe and she listens to the band Timeflies  nonstop.  She loves the Hunger Game (series), Percy Jackson and Les Miserables movies. She also thinks Mountain Dew is inferior to Coke and she is 16. Elena is the youngest, only 15.People classify her as an emo, but she doesn't wear dark clothing all the time nor does she wear dark nail polish. She has a rather colorful closet and the ONLY nail polish color she'll wear is coral pink. She does wear dark clothing a lot and she does have a darker personality but she likes modern rock and screamo.....OK, maybe she is a little emo, no biggie. Her favorite bands are Asking Alexandria and the Black Veil Brides. Her favorite song? She has way too many. Favorite drink? The doctor is in ;) (Doctor Pepper and Mountain Dew.) Her favorite food is Fettuccine Alfredo from Olive Garden (like her older sister Gabby), her favorite movie genre is horror and don't you dare ask her what her favorite movie is.  She also hates things with too many legs... (cough, cough, SPIDERS!!) All of us agree that Divergent is our favorite book.  The three of us will read pretty much any genre: YA fiction, fantasy, thriller, chick-lit, contemporary, fiction, horror, psychology, travel, humor/comedy, mystery (mostly murders), suspense, and mythology (mostly Greek). We are not picky book nerds but Gabriel, Elena and I tend to disagree on some books, but here's a list of books that we all agree receive 4 stars:

These are some that I think make the list:

Gabriel thinks that these make the list:

Elena thinks that these make the list:

Gabriel, Elena and I will be using a system of stars to rate books. There are 4 stars and they are received depending on how good the book is. 4 (Red) is the best. (As seen below.)