Monday, July 8, 2013

Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy #1) by Sarah Rees Brennan

So, we decided to review "Unspoken," by Sarah Rees Brennan! There are two novellas before the book starts and they offer insight on what happens before. The basic plot centers around a girl named Kami Glass who hears a voice inside her head. His name is Jared, and she knows enough about him for him to be a real person. When two Lynburns, people from an old family that owns most of the town, move back from America, one of them turns out to be Jared. The story spirals from there... :)

First of....we guilty admit that we judge by covers.... heh heh...The cover was nice enough, but the style has been done many times before and after. The colors were not right. Yes, I slightly like the other cover better--the yellow cover with Kami and Jared on it.

 Considering the plot idea, I think this book was as interesting as the author could make it. The writing style, however, didn't flow very smoothly at times. One moment, Kami would be talking about her newest idea, and the next, she would be debating about whether or not Jared was happy that morning. She also seemed to be quite needy. I understand that the random banter between her and her friends was supposed to be part of her character, but at times it took away from my enjoyment of the story. Also, Kami was definitely not the investigator that Brennan would have us believe. That said, the characters in this book were what made it worth reading. Kami's character wasn't anything special, but it wasn't the usual I'm-telling-you-I'm-strong-and-independent-but-I-really-don't-have-a-single-thought-of-my-own-that-isn't-a-complaint-about-how-my-life-sucks-because-this-hot-guy-isn't-in-love-with-me. So, congrats to her on that. I wish we got a SHOW not a TELL, we were told she is awesome but we never actually got proof. Also, Angela struck me as a good, untypical character that Kami saw as strong but had her own problems and feelings that were separate from Kami's. She wasn't a crutch to make Kami seem likeable and prove that she has friends. As for her brother, Rusty - I loved him. He seemed like the best character and quite frankly, he seems to be a better pick for a main character than Jared. Also, I think that we should get more description on Jared. The Lynburns were suitably evil, although not a stereotypical family, thanks to Jared's aunt. Ash seemed like an actual person, not just a robotic villain who didn't have feelings or reasons for being villainous. About Jared, on the other hand . . .

*SPOILER* I could rant about him all day, mostly just because of the ending. I can tell that he's going to be a world-class jerk in the next book, going around ignoring Kami. I can also tell that Kami will be all depressed because of this.*END SPOILER*

 But Jared is a bad-boy wannabe who is not worth her time, and she should go off and find someone better and flip people over her shoulder at will. (I liked that.) I know we are probably rambling, but we haven't done this before, so I'll end it here. We will definitely read the next one!
Right, so we graciously give the book 2.5 stars....