Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Is this book really for the adults of the young? For the children coming of age? Am I being conned?

But no matter. I can handle that. I, for one, don't mind intensity. And in Sweet Evil, the intensity level is set very high. I love that cover. I don't know if you do, but when I looked at the cover for the first time, I was like 'I must read this!' After I found out what it was about and looked at it again, do you notice that it replicates a sort of light and dark thing? Like on Anna's side, the forest has a little sun settling on it but on Kaidan's side it's pretty much black? If the cover designer was trying to attain that kind of symbolism, then kudos! If not....well...lets forget I ever said that. But setting aside symbolism, doesn't that cover look just amazing? The guy who is supposedly Kaidan....he looks amazing. Anna, too. The only think that irked me about it though was the cover girls nail polish. You don't really notice it unless you have a good close up. She's wearing nail polish, pink nail polish, hot pink nail polish. That doesn't even go well with that gorgeous dress! Who is her stylist?! I'm sorry, but I get really nit picky when it comes to things like this.

Leaving behind the book, let's move onto the actual story. It was pretty fast paced. When I was told there would be a road trip involved, I thought it would be in the last half of the book after we're introduced to certain topics. I expected Kaidan Rowe to be some new student and just like in every other book out there, Anna is inexplicably drawn to him. Then it's revealed that Kaidan is some weird species of being and that Anna is just like him and now they're supposed to produce supernatural babies together. That is exactly what I expected. That is not what I got (thank God).  Anna is the goody two shoes of the school. Doesn't do drugs, doesn't attend parties due to her overprotective no actual mother and she doesn't drink. But one day, on her birthday, her friend Jay takes her to a concert and now enter Kaidan Rowe. A smoking hot, bipolar drummer. He senses their is something different about Anna and he wants to know what. His introduction leads to a series of events unraveling. The road trip definitely does play a major part in the book but it doesn't take up too much time. It's started quickly and draws to a close even quicker. The second half of the book involves more angelic and demonic deeds.
Anna is a sweetheart. She's polite and treats her friends with care. But she's also very naive. To me, it actually makes her more real. She finds Kaidan hot, but she's not thinking about him every second. Only when he starts acting freaky (I'm not going to get into that), does she start to wonder. Despite him not being the best to her and having to perform rather disgusting things, she doesn't judge him nor does she treat him differently. She respects him and tries to help him. And as weird as it may be, she gives him a little bit of motherly information.
Kaidan Rowe is perhaps my topping the charts for book boyfriend. He's amazing and for once, I'm not exaggerating. PERHAPS A SPOILER ALERT! He's a demon, the son of the Duke of Lust. Because of that, he has to do certain 'lusty' acts. I can't say I mind though. Whenever Kaidan goes into 'lusty' mode, the book just gets so much better. Ah. Anna's different from his kind and it's been a while since this has happened, he's drawn to her. I like that. Things get steamy, then they cool down, then they steam up, then they calm down. I like how it's not too tame but not going overboard (thank God). But seriously, this guy is amazing.
Others worth mentioning are Kopano, Blake, Marna, Ginger, Pattie, Jay and Veronica. Pattie's a major character but she was kind of awkward. When Anna was going on the road trip, she specifically told the person who was taking her "Hands off, mister!" That's really weird if you ask me. Jay and Veronica are Anna's friends but they're not doing anything necessarily big to make a big difference in the book. The others mentioned above are Kaidan's friends, which means they are demon children. I loved them all, especially Kopano. What a softie!
This book is approximately 450 pages give or take 50 pages (I suck at estimations, I know). Usually that takes me half a day. This took me 2.5 hours. That's not normal for me.
This book has to be four beautiful stars.